Ciaran was born in Toronto, Canada and started Irish dancing practically before he even learned how to walk. Ciaran was trained under his father, Ron Plummer, who owned and ran Plummer Studios. Following in his father’s footsteps Ciaran’s competitive success started with winning several regional and National Championships. He then went on to win every major title Irish dancing has to offer including: The Great Britain's, British National's and The All Ireland's. Ciaran reached the pinnacle of his competitive achievements in 2002 when he won The Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne and became a world champion. He defended and retained all of his major titles the following year culminating with winning his second, consecutive World Championships. Shortly after graduating high school Ciaran joined Lord of the Dance and has since toured all over the world performing as the principle lead in the show. In 2012 Ciaran co-founded a new dance company, TapTronic, which is a progressive fusion of Irish dancing with electronic music, which looks to present its audience with an entirely new experience as they combine two art forms that have never been mixed. In 2017 Ciaran passed the TCRG exam with the intent of opening The Plummer Donaghy Academy with his wife, Maeve.


Maeve began Irish dancing at the age of 7 in her home town of Belfast, Ireland. Following in her sister’s footsteps she began competing and quickly fell in love with Irish dancing. Her top competitive achievements to date are getting top four in her Regional Championship's and placing in the All Irelands and World's. In 2003 Maeve was chosen as a new cast member for Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance. For the last fourteen years Maeve has performed all the over the world with the show where she performed the lead role of Morrighan.  She also performed in Feet of Flames in Taiwan and was asked to be part of the cast in Michael Flatley's return as Lord of the Dance which was released as a 3D film in cinemas worldwide. Maeve finished her touring career with Michael Flatley's newest show Dangerous Games which opened in London's West End. In 2009 Maeve passed the TCRG exam and became a fully qualified dance teacher with the intention of sharing her passion and love for Irish dancing with all of the future generations to come.